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Patience is key. Grow older have said, being patient is among Fifa 17 Coins the most important factor in tackling. This would become more natural and something you actually won’t even think about immediately after enough practise. When you are managing next to a player, this is a good a chance to try win the ball, make sure you are level with the football player or ideally just when in front of him before attempting the deal with. When the opposition is operating with the ball, tackling through the front is the best way to succeed the ball without risking a caution or even worse, a red. A great way to have patience is to jockey your opposition and then quickly let go of the actual corresponding button and then rapidly launch into the tackle. Your own opponent won’t be anticipating this. Don’t commit whenever 1v1 or 1v2. In case you are in a 1v1 or even worse, a 2v1 situtaion towards you then the worst point you can do is dive right into a tackle. The best thing to do is actually jockey, close off the position to the goal and attempt force the player to decelerate or into a wide area so your team mates can get back to help you out. If you try a tackle here and miss your opponent is highly likely to take advantage and score.


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