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While shielding, your player will adjust to Buy Fifa Coins the oncoming threats and change his position accordingly, and you can even give a sly push off a defender. If you've spent more than 20 seconds playing FIFA, you've probably encountered the frustrating mess that is jostling for a header from a long ball. Goal kicks are, for want of a better term, a crap shoot. You just end up button mashing and hope that the game randomly selects your player as the winner of the aerial duel. But not anymore. Using the new physicality system we just mentioned, you now have more options on a long ball. You can now stand your ground and bring the ball down to your feet to set up play. What about a long ball over the to a striker running into space? Well they can now head the ball onto themselves properly with a flick of the right trigger. One of the biggest complaints people have of FIFA games past is the state of set pieces. Like heading on a long ball, corners and crossing free kicks have been more about luck than skill. Rather than just pointing your player in the vague direction you want the ball to go in, you now get a glowing circle on the ground to aim with. This means more accuracy for your set pieces, and the increased movement of players means we'll be seeing more scrappy, realistic outcomes from dangerous balls into the six-yard box. It's different for shooting free kicks and penalties too, as you'll be able to move your player around before the kick and even control the speed of their run up. Want to smash it in a straight line? Line up directly in front of the ball and sprint at it. Trying for a more subtle curler? Come at the ball at an angle with Buy Fifa 17 Coins a more controlled run up.


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